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The flanks of the Plateau

On the slopes of the plateau, up to Clain, there are still many buildings worthy of interest:


la Tour du Cordier

The Cordier tower, place Jean de Berry, also known as "Porte de Paris". The Cordier tower takes its name from what a tailpiece used it to store his strings there. It is also sometimes called the Old Powder Tower for a similar reason.

It is one of the last towers of the medieval fortifications. Another tower is visible from rue Maillochon, a short distance from Pont Achard, looking across the railway line. Further on, rue des remparts, you can see the remains of the ... ramparts. They go up to the point of Blossac.


le Moulin de Chasseigne sur le Clain

To get the best possible view, take rue des Quatre Roues, and admire the mill with St Jean de Montierneuf in the background.

It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest views of the Clain during its crossing of Poitiers.


Sainte Radegonde et la Cathédrale Saint Pierre

Sainte Radegonde, now a little forgotten, was the object of immense veneration as evidenced by the votive offerings that line the walls of the ambulatory.

During work in Saint Peter's Cathedral, 13th century wall frescoes were recently unearthed. More than 700 m2 of paintings were protected from the ravages of time by a coating that had to be released with a scalpel, at the rate of one week of work per m2.


le baptistère Saint-Jean

The Baptistery of Saint John was created on the basis of an old Roman house, in the 4th century. It is one of the oldest Christian monuments in the West. The baptismal font was found in the 20th century.

camille claudel (2).jpg

le musée Sainte-Croix

The Sainte Croix museum is the largest museum in Poitiers, built in the 20th century on the site of the Sainte Croix Abbey. It houses in particular moving sculptures by Camille Claudel (photo) and a famous painting by François Nautré representing the siege of Poitiers by Admiral de Coligny in 1569.


la rue de la Chaîne

Rue de la Chaîne, so named because of the chain that once barred it, and in which you will see some half-timbered houses, as well as the Hôtel Fumé. Many other mansions deserve your attention and it is impossible to name them all.

place de la liberté.jpg

la Place de la Liberté

The Place de la Liberté, named after the reproduction of the Statue of Liberty which adorns the center, donated by the nearby Freemasons. This square was previously called the Place du Pilori, I'll let you guess why.


la vue des Dunes (caserne d'Aboville)

Finally, don't forget to go up to the Aboville barracks, at the top of the Chemin des Dunes, you will have the most beautiful view of Poitiers (our photo). You will easily notice (from left to right) Sainte Radegonde, St Pierre cathedral, the belfry of the Town Hall, the Cordeliers, the roof of the "salle des pas perdus" of the Palace of the Counts of Poitou, ND La Grande.

Another beautiful view is of Les Rocs, or even of Porteau, but it is more difficult to find the point of view.

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