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The old town or the "Plateau"

The old town has to be earned. Located on a "plateau" (this is the name given to the town center), you have to climb from Clain or de la Boivre some sloping street (or perhaps the "Devil's Staircase") to reach the city center. This is where you will find the entire pedestrian area, including:


Notre-Dame la Grande

is thus named, in spite of its relative smallness, by comparison with the old "ND-la-Petite" today disappeared.

ND la Grande was built in the 11th century and completed with its current facade in the 12th century.

On summer evenings, the facade is illuminated in polychromy, and some evenings, free concerts are given, and these are often nice surprises.


half-timbered houses

The Tourist Office is right next to ND la Grande, like the Tourist Office which is housed in one of the pretty half-timbered houses in Poitiers (our photo). Other remarkable houses are visible in Poitiers, in particular rue de la Chaîne, rue des Trois Rois ...

salle des pas perdus.jpg

the Palace of the Counts of Poitou

The Palace of the Counts of Poitou and Dukes of Aquitaine, formerly the Palais de Justice, has opened to the public the former Salle des Pas Perdus, a large Gothic hall remarkable for its size. The mantle of the three fireplaces in the room is surmounted by a stained glass window, and for this, the chimney flue has been rejected outside.


City Hall

The Town Hall (opposite) and the Prefecture face each other. Right next to the Town Hall, don't miss the Jehan de Beaucé hotel, at 1 rue Lebascle.

The Place d'Armes (now Leclerc), just in front of the Town Hall, sees many events take place.


not to mention...

The Zara store at the Cordeliers shopping center contains some remains of the Cordeliers church


Saint Hilaire, a little out of the way, really deserves a detour

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