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A kitchen at your disposal


At Les Trois Fontaines, a large kitchen-dining room is at your disposal. It has everything you need to prepare a meal and serve it on site, in the dining area. Our hosts have used and enjoyed it on various occasions. You too, find the right opportunity to take advantage of this asset to be perfectly independent during your stay in Poitou:

  • During a stay of a few days in Poitiers, so as not to have to go out to a restaurant every evening ...

  • You arrive late and don't want to go out to spend at least another hour at the restaurant!

  • There are many of you (up to 7 people staying with us) and to be peaceful together, you prefer to prepare a lunch or dinner and serve it on site.

  • You are going on an excursion around Poitiers for the day, and you want to prepare a picnic at your leisure.

  • You're carrying food or drink, it's hot, and you want to keep that in the fridge.

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